Our apartment is on Apartment Therapy today!!!!!!!! Yay! Thanks so much to the lovely people at Apartment therapy for sharing our place on your awesome blog!!!! If you haven’t yet seen it go take a look! http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/natalies-vintage-everything-house-call-170690

Our apartment is on Apartment Therapy today!!!!!!!! Yay! Thanks so much to the lovely people at Apartment therapy for sharing our place on your awesome blog!!!! If you haven’t yet seen it go take a look! http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/natalies-vintage-everything-house-call-170690

My doily garland was featured at the ETSY WEDDING EVENT!!!

YAY! My doily garland that I made was handpicked by the ladies at Etsy and they featured it at the ’ To Have & To Hold ’ wedding event in New York last weekend! Here is the link to their flickr account to see a pic of the doily garland hung up in all it’s glory and also other photos taken from the event….


Here is the link to the etsy wedding event page so you can read up on it…


I will be putting up some more items on my etsy shop soon! 

It’s going to be a wonderful busy wedding season this year!

xoxox Nat

My New Job!!!!

So incredibly excited to be on the Filosophi Team! These lovely ladies have invited me to join their event planning business as their new EVENT DESIGNER!! I’m so incredibly pumped for the fun and exciting months to come!!!! Let’s make weddings beautiful and crafty!!!

Check out what Filosophi Event Planning & Design has to offer:


Here’s my little blurb on their website:


xoxo Nat

New items on my ETSY shop!

I just made these cute boxes yesterday! I found the kraft paper boxes at a thrift store..they are actually vintage boxes in mint condition! I added a floral vintage bow with a nice red heart button to the top! These are great for birthdays, wedding favour boxes, bakery boxes….the possibilities are endless! Perfect for the Spring!

Also all the vintage children’s books I found are going to be up on my etsy shop this week!

Heidi, The Risky Quest, The Swiss Family Robinson and Brave Buffalo Fighter…..They are all hardcover and in great condition!

TaleSpin, 2 Bugs Bunny’s, The Saggy Baggy Elephant, Alice in Wonderland and Sleeping beauty! They are all from the collection ’ A Little Golden Book,’ some have names in the front of them…but I think this is so cute because you know who had it before you ;) 

Lively Little Rabbit, Little Brown Bear, The Jolly Barnyard, Muppet Treasure Island, Mickey Mouse and Porky the Pig & Bugs Bunny! 

Bambi Gets Lost ( typical), Bambi Grows up, A Scare for Mr. Toad and the Magic Grinder! All are in mint condion, hard cover and from the Disney book collection ;) 

Take a peak at the new things I’m selling at my etsy shop!!

Please follow this link if you would like to purchase any of these items !


Busy with my Business ;)

I made a whole bunch of business cards the other day and I’m happy how they came out! I stamped and typed out (on a old typewriter) the original card and took it to staples and they made me a custom stamp! If anyone wants a original business card that looks crafty I highly recommend getting a stamp with all your info on it! It’s awesome…I went a little stamp crazy though and started stamping mason jars and kraft paper stickers…ahha! 

The ink you need to do this is called StazOn and it really stays on because it stamps on glass, metal, plastic, laminated paper and much much more! I thought stamping the mason jars and putting some candy inside would be a great little gift to give people to kind of promote myself for events…..everyone loves to get candy and it has my contact info on it! Business card on a jar!

I guess it’s time for Luna’s dinner….such a needy Golden.


If anyone is interested in having me help them with any crafting or design for their upcoming wedding or other events please contact me on my blog, Facebook or at natalie_mari@hotmail.com!

xoxo Nat

Our Wedding is on 100 Layer Cake blog today!

The ladies from the very popular 100 layer cake wedding blog chose our wedding to be featured on their blog today! 


So happy to be married to Jason ;) 


I’m just way too excited to tell you that our wedding will be featured on the 100 layer cake blog on Tuesday January 31st coming up! http://www.100layercake.com/blog/ .I remember checking this blog religiously throughout all our wedding planning and it’s my favourite wedding blog full of beautiful inspiration! So I hope all of you can check it out!!! 


New items on my ETSY shop!

Happy Thursday everyone!! It’s going to be a wonderful day today…sunny, cold and slightly windy…just the way I like it! Unfortunately I have to do a load of homework today for the interior design classes I’ve been taking :(…but I’ll hopefully get out of the library at some point today to enjoy the sun!

I just wanted to share with you some of my new items on my etsy shop Knick Nat’s! I made vintage fabric covered clothes pins…they are super cute!


All the vintage fabric I used is very rare and it was my grandmas that I found stashed up at my cabin. These are great for closing bags of baking ingredients, cereals, chips…etc. They are also great for wall decor to hang up pictures with on some twine! 

I also think they would be great to use at weddings to close ‘thank you’ bags and seating card stands. 

This is the new stamp I had made for my business card….thanks STAPLES! 

Spring is right around the corner and the fun vintage florals are making me excited to for the upcoming season! 

If you would like to order some fabric covered clothes pins please visit my shop! I can do custom orders if you would like more! I will be posting more pins today! 


New items on my ETSY shop!

I just came up with these cards the other day and I’m hoping to sell them on my etsy shop and local shops!!!

This one is my favourite so far!

I’m going to be coming up with new ones soon! Visit my etsy shop if you would like these cutey cards!


My New Etsy Shop * KNICK NAT’S* :)

Hey Everyone! I hope your Monday is going well! I just wanted to share my NEW ETSY SHOP with you today! http://www.etsy.com/shop/nataliemari I have many plans and ideas for this shop and I will keep creating more and more new and exciting things for it this year! It’s still a work in progress but I’ve posted some items I made last year and I’m really excited about it! These are just the jump start products to my shop! I will be adding tote bags, party decorations, baby sleepers and vintage items I find from thrift stores!



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