Our Apartment ;)

It’s going to be a little bit of a apartment tour today!! We moved into this heritage building on Granville in October last year and we never want to leave!!! Most of the original details of the building are still intact and haven’t changed…which I lovvvvve!

So take a little looksey poo……..

This is our kitchen ;) It’s small but I don’t cook that much anyways! In our last house we had a black & white tiled floor and I freaked out when I saw that this one had it too…all my red pots, pans, kitchen aide, and decor fit quite nicely in here.

This is how our apartment looked when we first moved in…..

This is what it looks like NOW…….

I’m now trying to make a nice collection on vintage horses…..anyone know where I can find more of these??

Jason’s office….


Our little nook just off the kitchen….

Ist bathroom…..very tiny…need to stay somewhat slim to fit in here..ahhaha!

2nd bathroom…

I mounted painted drawers on the wall for storage…and then added a curtain to hide the mess inside!

cactus garden is happy on the window sill…..

My vanity….I used my mom’s vintage sewing machine and then mounted a vintage vanity mirror above it! 

Our bed!!! We found the prefect map at filmgo in Vancouver to use as our head board…who says you need a real bed frame??? 

We also used old crates for our bedside tables!

I’m really loving the rustic vintage look and you can make this happen without spending thousands of dollars on furniture….find items that are old and have character and give them a new purpose!!! Jason and I make a lot of our own furniture simply because we can make it just the way we want it ;) Our next project will involve palettes!

I highly recommend you go out and get yourself a man that can build stuff…it’s the best!!!!

xoxox Nat

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